27th June 2016

Three reasons why attending Glastonbury could count as extra curricula 

  1. Challenge thinking – There is an undeniable clash of cultures in every different you turn. And it is in this mix of individuals and ideologies that make Glastonbury so great.  Submerging yourself into the weird and wonderful and embracing other peoples’ outlooks is as educational as it is therapeutic.
  2. Creativity –  This one truly needs no explanation. Whether you take pleasure in watching the bold en vogue who brave all weather conditions in the name of fashion or immersing yourself in the meta-narrative Shangri La, it’s impossible not to feel inspired. Every field is an uncensorious platform for the creative.
  3. Perspective – There’s something above surviving on four hours sleep, eating burgers for breakfast and forgoing showers that allows you to take a step back from the everyday and re-evaluate. Routine is great, but sometimes a drastic change of pace can bring about a clear perspective.

Whilst I cannot claim to have returned refreshed (ahem!), after a few good night’s sleep I was recharged and ready to bring fresh ideas into client campaigns.