15th August 2016

Tickets booked

Seven years, countless chicken dinners (we won’t even go there with the Prosecco tally), a handful of handshakes with Andy Crane (off of BBC fame) and a much-enhanced LBD and shoe collection after I went to my first CIPR Pride Awards and we’re back where it all started.

My first PR agency awards do was in 2009 just three weeks into my PR career and I’ve been lucky enough to collect a good few awards over those years.  None felt as good as seeing Petal & Co. up amongst the great and good contending for outstanding small consultancy of the year, this year.

We’re not doing the irritating coy act by saying we don’t think it’s our year quite yet but it’s highly likely it’s not (it’s such early days). We have put it in year three of the business plan though so we’ll be back for more – because we all know how easy it is to stick to business plans, right?