Petal&Co. is a specialist corporate and b2b communications agency.


Having earned our stripes in PR agencies – big and small – Petal&Co. was set up to work with businesses that want us to join their team to work hard to create opportunities that help them grow.

Our experience stretches across financial and professional services, education, property, place-making, manufacturing, recruitment, energy, technology and the list goes on, so we’re sector neutral in that sense. That said, we are pretty particular about the type of business we’d like to work with because we’re honest about where we can add the most value.

We’re looking to work with…

Companies who want to punch above their weight.

People who really love business.

Opportunity - makers who are looking to grow.

This could be innovative start-ups or ideas, fast-growth or high-potential businesses, those looking to realise investment or value from a business, and the investors, funders and advisers who use their expertise to make this exciting world tick.


Our approach starts with asking you to share exactly what the business needs to achieve or what your commercial challenge is. The facts and figures – in plain English – and together we’ll come up with the idea, campaign or answer that you’re looking for.

Next, we build the team to deliver this for you. We’re lucky enough to have brilliant people around us who help bring our ideas to life, from brand, design, and video to digital marketing, websites and events (now this could be a long list). The point being that you’ll always work with the bee’s knees in whatever discipline your work requires.

The bit we’re really good at is understanding your business and industry then conjuring up commercially clever communications to solve a problem or reach your potential. That, and working seriously hard to make sure we deliver.

Our Work

We’re constantly fascinated by different worlds and people around us. Here’s a collection of things we’ve seen, places we’ve been and an insight into our world too.

Cleaning up your Community

Petal was tasked with developing a campaign which would have legacy value, highlighting the business’ core values of helpfulness and customer loyalty and engage the sales team to have wider conversations with customers...

Taking the Manchester MBA global

When Alliance Manchester Business School asked us for help in taking its MBA to an international business audience, we were buzzing to put the school on the map - Manchester's the centre of the universe, right? Over 200 pieces of coverage in 29 countries later, job done.

Clearing the way

The University of Salford attracts a high proportion of its new students through the clearing process. This is getting more competitive each year and many students are making rash decisions and not applying to universities or for courses they are truly compatible with.

Join our team?

Curious about the world, obsessed with clever communications and passionate about doing good work and building strong relationships?

In a nutshell, that’s what we’re looking for.